IA’s patented products help electric grid stakeholders plan, predict, optimize, and control.

Our software platforms and technologies allow utilities and their partners to forecast, evaluate, plan for, and invest in changes that support the evolution of the grid while simultaneously preserving reliability and keeping costs low. Evaluation, planning, and dispatching tools that are defensible, accurate, and cost effective.


Forecast and plan DER combinations that satisfy Supply and T&D constraints.

  • Spatial data and analytics
  • Hourly load data
  • Merges economics with engineering
Forecasting Anywhere

Turn-key regional forecasting solution to solve the complexities of distributed resource planning.

  • Empirically based models
  • Granular geospatial analysis
  • Delivers best in class forecasts for multiple applications

Industry leading tool for energy efficiency, demand response, and DER cost-effectiveness modeling.

  • Accurate modeling and testing
  • Risk-based approach
  • Integrates with IRP planning

Patented least-cost optimization engine for day-ahead and real-time customer load and DER scheduling.

  • Customer usage history
  • Weather and price forecasts
  • Captures value and improves grid operations