How defensible is your DSM portfolio?
Does it contain the most cost effective options? Did you accurately measure the covariance between loads and costs? Which assumptions matter more? Have you evaluated each measure across multiple years of hourly weather and avoided cost scenarios?

It’s questions like these that cause demand side planners to run countless measure analyses as they develop energy efficiency and demand response programs, variable rates, and integrated resource plans.

No matter what you’re designing, it’s essential to get your assumptions right, and the only way to know that is to test them against a wide range of participation rates, prices, loads, and weather conditions. But often even that’s not enough. Because you also need to factor in low probability/high impact events that can be costly when reality fails to conform to average forecasts.

There are a thousand things that can trip you up and lead to poor analyses, from an unusual weather pattern to a small variance in a pricing model that can erroneously result in value differences of 20% or more. And any time you base your calculations on averages instead of hourly inputs then your calculations may have even more room for error.

Fortunately there is a solution that handles all this complexity with the ease of an Excel spreadsheet.

Demand Side Management Option Risk Evaluator (DSMore) is a powerful financial analysis tool designed to evaluate the costs, benefits and risks of demand-side management (DSM) programs, including energy efficiency, demand response and smart grid programs and services. Its power lies squarely in its ability to process millions of calculations within seconds, resulting in thousands of cost-effectiveness scenarios that vary with weather and/or market prices.

By viewing DSM performance and cost-effectiveness over a wide variety of conditions, managers and regulators can more accurately measure the risks and benefits of employing DSM measures versus traditional generation capacity additions.

But the accuracy of your analysis is only as good as the data you input.

That’s why DSMore is the only modeling tool for energy efficiency, DSM and demand response that correlates weather, loads and prices on an hourly level.

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