Delivering significant savings to the customer. Preserving operational benefits and resources for you.


Is the uncertainity and risk keeping you from integrating wind into your energy portfilio?  Is there a proven way wind can be incorporated which is a benefit for both the customer and you?

The WindStore Model combines the storage optimization methods used in GridStore with the intermittent generation risks of renewable wind and solar assets to accurately measure the benefits of firm and reliable energy to both the energy consumer and supplier. WindStore uses renewable energy optimization algorithms to model intermittent energy resources and distributed energy storage systems. WindStore shows you exactly how much financial value exists within the marriage of intermittent renewable and energy storage technologies. By simulating and valuing the real-time price arbitrage, intermittent renewable resource firming and sinking, and dynamically dispatched load control benefits together, WindStore helps manage the uncertainty between the supply and demand systems. The WindStore model is able to value the benefits of aggregate thermal storage and smart grid enabled virtual storage as an alternative to expensive electrochemical solutions.

Measuring the benefits of operational control strategies

  • Capacity benefits of using storage to reduce system peak demand, or to shift load in response to costs
  • Conservation benefits of peak to off-peak arbitrage of energy prices, optimally determined
  • Wind energy sink during hours of low system demand, and mitigation of depressed wind value
  • Real-time firming of intermittent energy
  • Real-time load following
  • Spinning or non-spinning ancillary service benefits
  • Carbon management

Maintaining customer preferences. Respecting storage limits.

The WindStore model measures the value and cost-effectiveness of price shifting (buying low and selling high) and load following while adhering to customer comfort preferences and storage technology limits. Both the inherent end-use value and the options of dynamic dispatching are valued for the renewable to- storage combination potential. In some cases, this model can provide significant savings to customers and still preserve major operational benefits to the system and supply resource.

How can we do this?

Integral Analytics (IA) borrows many of the operational and valuation algorithms from its award-winning DSMore™ software to accurately value avoided supply costs. It then marries supply-side valuations with IA’s sophisticated array of dynamically dispatchable optimization commands housed within its IDROP™ real-time optimization engine. This renders valuation results which closely match the real-world operational value of virtual storage strategies. Before you spend big dollars buying expensive storage systems, consider the smarter route of virtual storage. You may find that your customers are much happier with free heat or large rebates than paying higher rates to subsidize storage systems.