Storage and Renewable Evaluation

…..when accuracy matters…..

With steady advances in wind, solar and other renewable energy, the need for accurate valuation of grid-scale storage technologies and of renewable energy grows stronger all the time. IA’s software enables you to value and incorporate storage and renewable energy with significant savings to customers and still preserving major operational benefits to the system and supply resource.


GridStore simulates the operation of a battery in day-to-day energy markets to calculate the potential of technological and price constraints associated with operating in that market and the total potential revenue from having that resource. So you can build an accurate business case that considers the intrinsic and extrinsic value of storage and the full spectrum of risks and opportunities associated with the storage asset.

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The WindStore Model combines the storage optimization methods used in GridStore with the intermittent generation risks of renewable wind and solar assets to accurately measure the benefits of firm and reliable energy to both the energy consumer and supplier. WindStore gives you real time data of load following and firming of intermittent energy.

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