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XactFit: Fast-Turn, Cost-Effective Billing Analysis Service

Don’t wait to install meters. Get quick feedback with XactFit.  Billing analyses capture more savings than engineering estimates.  Statistical analysis is complex and pricey.

 With XactFit, you get the best statisticians and economists measuring your program at one low, guaranteed price.

XactFit is a new impact analysis service utilizing software developed by Dr. Michael T. Ozog, Ph.D., that combines 15 years of econometric modeling experience with hands-on analysis. Stop paying to reinvent the same processes. XactFit’s use of software allows Integral Analytics to bring the price of econometric analytics down nearly 400% more than comparable methods.

 Good-bye expensive, labor-intensive analysis. Hello low-cost, defensible and timely results.

The team behind XactFit has combined nearly 20 years of experience in economic modeling for the energy industry and energy program analysis with the latest advances in computer technology to create an exclusive, step-by-step low-cost service. This efficient system, developed and managed by one of the top experts in energy program evaluation, removes almost all of the expensive, labor-intensive aspects of billing analysis while ensuring defensible model specification and analysis.

 Your program will be analyzed by a top expert in energy program evaluation.

XactFit has been developed by Dr. Michael T. Ozog, Ph.D., an economist specializing in econometric analysis and economic modeling for the energy industry. With years of experience in impact evaluation, energy modeling, demand forecasting, mathematical optimization, discrete choice modeling, and program evaluation, he is uniquely qualified to

conduct a cost-effective billing analysis.  Known throughout the industry as a recognized expert in the area of energy efficiency program evaluation, he has conducted impact analysis of energy efficiency programs for electric and gas utilities throughout North America. In fact, he was a pioneer in the use of panel data models in energy efficiency impact evaluation, a technique which is becoming the gold standard of billing data analysis.

 You benefit from the best modeling technology available – at a low, fixed fee.

XactFit codifies Dr. Ozog’s rich history of complex statistics and analytics into a series of data cleaning and checking, data diagnostics, model fitting, testing, and result verification. These measures ensure you get the best modeling that today’s state of-the art technology has to offer – for a fixed fee. No matter what the program, the analysis is always priced at $15,000.

 XactFit provides the proof you need to meet Regulatory Compliance.

The XactFit standardized econometric modeling service will use the billing histories of all the participants in your energy efficiency program to estimate the actual energy savings for a given program year. Plus, we guarantee completion in four weeks, start to finish. With an XactFit analysis, you will get:

  • Cleaning and processing of billing and program data

  • Integration with weather data (supplied by XactFit)

  • Analysis of potential outliers and influential observations

  • Determination of appropriate model specification

  • Investigation of the effects of heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation

An individualized report showing:

  • The estimated gross program impacts in kWh or therms, per participant per year

  • The 95% and 90% confidence level of this impact estimate

  • Total program impacts and selected program attribute impacts

  • Results of the comprehensive diagnostics, showing actual problematic outliers and their effects on the results

  • Model results showing coefficients, t-values and R-squared

  •  Expertise of nationally known econometricians and statisticians, including Dr. Michael Ozog, Dr. Zhiyuan Dong and Dr. Yan Yu

 The process is simple.

Just copy your data file with usage history and participation data (date of participation, measures installed) along with a few program details to www.xactfit.net. The XactFit team will guide you through the rest of the process. Please specify unique measures, promotions or other nuances.

 Defensible, inexpensive and speedy results at just the right price

Because XactFit automates many of the labor-intensive processes, it has removed inefficiencies, which not only reduces costs, but also decreases the chance of introducing errors caused by reliance on old, manual methods. Yet, the system still ensures superior results that can withstand regulatory scrutiny, thanks to the personal review and model inspection by nationally recognized experts in program impact evaluation.

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