• Kevin Kushman is IA’s President, responsible for revenue generation, partnerships, finance, marketing, customer support and team growth. Kevin’s twenty years in the energy and utility space include CEO and CFO roles with energy tech software firms, such as Blue Pillar and Current Group, founding leadership of Cinergy Ventures’ $200 million corporate venture fund and as founder of CleanBridge Energy Partners, which owned natural gas distribution assets and developed distributed energy assets using alternative fuels and asset optimization technology. Kevin holds an MBA from Xavier University and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

    Kevin Kushman
  • Tom Osterhus is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Integral Analytics. For more than 20 years, his focus has been on applying advanced analytics to electric utility demand-side problems. His breadth of experience spans energy efficiency, demand response, optimal dynamic dispatching of loads to improve supply balance, distribution planning and load forecasting, pricing and tariffs, valuation, storage, GIS analytics, electric vehicle forecasting and valuation, and many marketing research applications. His focus on innovative and cost effective solutions for utilities centers on award-winning and “best-in-class” software such including IA’s DSMore, LoadSEER and IDROP software products.

    Dr. Osterhus is the former President of Sageview Associates and the former Director of Market Analytics at Duke Energy, where he spent many years working within several utility functional areas. He has managed analytical, financial and R&D functions at Duke Energy, where his analytical breadth enabled him to jointly interface with many utility departments, which are otherwise traditionally in silos. These included market research, new product development, energy efficiency EM&V, demand response, pricing, IRP, customer switching, data warehouse design/ management, customer response modeling, customer margin management, advertising effectiveness, customer satisfaction measurement, promotion planning, web site analytics, T&D spatial forecasting, GIS mapping analytics, power flow analysis and risk management functions. 

    Dr. Osterhus earned a Doctorate in marketing from the University of Cincinnati in 1998. He is published in the Journal of Marketing, credited with the first solo-authored article by a Ph.D. student. He also earned an MS Statistics/Quantitative Analysis in 1994 and an MBA in 1987. He received a liberal arts degree from Dartmouth College.

    Tom Osterhus, PhD
    VP, CTO
  • Michael Ozog has worked in the energy and water industries for over 15 years specializing in econometric modeling, demand forecasting, discrete-choice modeling, risk management and program evaluation. He is a recognized expert in the area of energy efficiency program evaluation, econometric analysis, and economic modeling. Dr. Ozog has conducted evaluations for electric and gas utilities throughout North America. Dr. Ozog also has an extensive background in econometric and time-series modeling for load forecasts, peak-demand forecasts and short-term retail price forecasting. Dr. Ozog has recently used portfolio theory and options modeling to assist in the valuation of generation assets. 

    Dr. Ozog's research has been published in Environmental and Resource Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Energy Policy, Energy Services Journal and the Energy Journal, as well as in numerous national conference proceedings. Dr. Ozog holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston College, an M.S. in Mineral Economics from the Pennsylvania State University and a B.S. in Geology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Michael Ozog, PhD
    VP, Data Science
  • William B. Kallock has over 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency, demand side management (DSM), and renewable energy industries. Mr. Kallock has worked directly for energy utilities throughout North America designing and evaluating energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy programs. Mr. Kallock has also worked directly with residential, commercial and industrial customers to design and implement energy efficiency projects. Mr. Kallock is an expert in the monitoring and verification of energy efficiency measures in all sectors, residential and C&I.

    Mr. Kallock is a member of the Association of Energy Service Professionals and of the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid. Mr. Kallock holds a MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

    Bill Kallock, MBA
    VP, Customer Delivery
    & Special Projects
  • Taco is the Vice President for Global Sales at IA, responsible for domestic and international sales and business development. Prior to joining IA he was at IBM, where he was the Global Business Development Executive for smarter Energy, responsible for strategic deals leveraging the full spectrum of IBM’s services & hard and software. Before that he was Director of Smart grid Services for Europe and Latin America for Accenture, based out of London, where he built the Accenture Smart Grid Services Consulting practice. Taco was also part of Current Group, a pioneer in smart grid and smart metering, where he was responsible for sales and the deployment LATAM largest smart grid network in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Taco has been working with utilities since 1998 in the USA, UK and Ireland, mainland Europe and the Nordics, Brazil, Latin America and Israel.

    Taco de Vries
    VP Sales
  • Richard Stevie joined Integral Analytics in June, 2012.  Prior to that, Dr. Stevie has been Chief Economist for Duke Energy with over thirty years of experience in the utility industry.  He has also been named as a Research Fellow for the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati.

    During his tenure with Duke Energy, Dr. Stevie managed several key analytical functions including economic forecasts, projections of energy sales and peak load demands, customer research on energy usage, market research, product development analytics, evaluation of energy efficiency cost-effectiveness, and measurement and verification of energy efficiency measure impacts.  He has been involved in many regulatory proceedings and has provided expert witness testimony on numerous utility economic issues in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  The principle areas of testimony involved projections of sales and peak loads, cost-effectiveness analysis of energy efficiency programs, market pricing for energy, regulatory recovery mechanisms for energy efficiency, weather normalization of energy sales, and assessment of economic conditions.

    Dr. Stevie received his undergraduate degree in economics from Thomas More College and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Cincinnati.

    Richard Stevie, PhD
    VP, Forecasting
  • Kenneth Skinner, Ph.D. -- Vice President of Risk Products Dr. Skinner has over 20 years’ experience in evaluation and risk measurement, having worked as an energy consultant with PHB Hagler Bailly and Financial Times (FT) Energy, and as the Derivative Structuring Manager for the retail energy supplier Sempra Energy Solutions. He has his Ph.D. from Colorado School of Mines, in Mineral Economics, with an emphasis in Operations Research, an MBA from Regis University and a BS in Engineering from Letourneau University.

    Dr. Skinner is a nationally recognized expert in economic evaluation and modeling of energy assets including energy storage, distribution and generation, efficiency and demand response, renewable energy alternatives, financial derivatives and structured contracts using net present value, econometric and statistical methods, optimization principles, and real option valuation techniques. Dr. Skinner is widely published and currently the technology columnist for Wiley Natural Gas and Electricity Journal. He is a noted speaker on energy related topics for organizations such as AESP, IAEE, ACEEE, PLMA, IEPEC, INFORMS, Infocast, EUCI, SNL Energy and PGS Energy Training.

    Kenneth Skinner, PhD, MBA
    VP, Risk Products
  • Scott Smith is a Director of Product Development at Integral Analytics, Inc. He serves as Lead Developer of IA’s proprietary geo-spatial risk-based electric distribution planning application, LoadSEER. Scott has extensive training and experience with forecasting software and spatial database programming, specialized in remote sensing techniques, spatiotemporal modeling, and risk-based spatial electric load forecast simulations. Scott helps meet the planning and forecasting needs of T&D and demand side management planners by giving them the ability to model changes in electric demand over space and time. Previous and current projects include software support to forecasting and distribution planning groups at Pacific Gas & Electric, Seattle City Light, Nashville Electric Service, Avista Utilities, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, CPS Energy, Fortis BC, Duke Energy, PacifiCorp, Kansas City Power & Light, and others.

    Scott Smith
    Director, Product Development