About Integral Analytics

Why We're Here

Utilities face many risks. The usual suspects still remain -- reliability risk, capacity shortages, price spikes and congested transmission, among others. The grid edge is evolving and challenges are emerging:

  • What if I have too much solar?
  • What if my wind production is too volatile?
  • How can I get my customers to engage in smart grid programs?
  • How do I know when Excel models are inaccurate?
  • How do I truly optimize my supply and demand, since I now have control over both?
  • How do I know which service transformers are at risk from EVs?
  • How should I accurately quantify the financial value and risks?
  • Which substations are at capacity risk, when the economy rebounds?


What We Do

Integral Analytics provides scalable software to drive decisions across the spectrum of utility, DER provider and stakeholder functions.  We merge econometrics, engineering, big data and decades of subject matter expertise into applications that serve engineers, operators and executives..