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Integral Analytics (IA) is an analytical software and consulting firm focused on operational, planning, and market research solutions for every aspect of the energy industry. Its proprietary analytical, programming, and statistical methods offer clients more precise valuation, faster and more affordably.

Smart Grid Solutions

Delivering Smarts to the Smart Grid

Leverage our dynamic dispatching patents to get 2x to 4x more value from your smart grid.

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Forecasting Advantage

Spatial Forecasting & Risk Assessment

Know where loads will grow, and how new trends impact your grid.

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  • Eric Woychik - Strategy Integration, LLC
    "The Integral Analytics (IA) highly advanced software suite highlights new capabilities and benefits with unprecedented granularity. While Google’s new Nest acquisition will shape customer behavior, IA’s advanced tools will capture these benefits, use “big data,” leverage new analytics, and with advanced computation deliver massive benefits."
  • Nick Hall - TecMarket Works
    "In my professional opinion, as the most published person in the world within the energy efficiency program evaluation field, and as a lead evaluation expert assessing several hundreds of programs, including the worlds four largest energy efficiency portfolios, I have found that IA’s energy supply and cost effectiveness analysis is more accurate than any other firms with which we have worked over the last 35 years."